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Artikelgewicht: 2.00 Kilo

Main Specifications
Product DescriptionCyclades TS400 - terminal server
Device TypeTerminal server
Enclosure TypeExternal
Dimensions (WxDxH)8.5 in x 4.8 in x 1 in
RAM Installed ( Max )32 MB
Flash Memory Installed (Max)4 MB flash
Ports Qty4
Data Link ProtocolEthernet, Fast Ethernet, RS-232
Network / Transport ProtocolTCP/IP, IPSec, SLIP
Remote Management ProtocolSNMP, Telnet, HTTP, HTTPS
FeaturesDHCP support, Syslog support, packet filtering, IP address filtering
PowerAC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz )
Device TypeTerminal server
Width8.5 in
Depth4.8 in
Height1 in
Processor / Memory / Storage
Processors InstalledMPC855T
RAM Installed ( Max )16 MB SDRAM
Flash Memory Installed (Max)4 MB flash
Form FactorExternal
Ports Qty4
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Data Link ProtocolEthernet, Fast Ethernet, RS-232
Network / Transport ProtocolTCP/IP, IPSec, SLIP
Remote Management ProtocolSNMP, Telnet, HTTP, HTTPS
FeaturesDHCP support, Syslog support, packet filtering, IP address filtering
Authentication MethodSecurID, Secure Shell (SSH), RADIUS, PAP, CHAP, TACACS+, Secure Shell v.2 (SSH2), LDAP
Expansion / Connectivity
Interfaces4 x serial - RS-232 - RJ-45
1 x network - Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX - RJ-45
1 x management - console - RJ-45
Compliant StandardsC-Tick, EN55022 Class A, FCC Part 15
Power DevicePower supply - external
Installed Qty1
Max Supported Qty1
Voltage RequiredAC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz )
Power Consumption Operational6 Watt
Software / System Requirements
OS ProvidedLinux
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature50 F
Max Operating Temperature111.2 F
Humidity Range Operating5 - 90%



Artikelgewicht: 1.50 Kilo

Secure Web Console J3591A single serial

Administrieren Sie Ihr SUN System über Ihren Browser !

Die Secure Web Console von HP bietet Ihnen seriellen Zugriff auf Ihren UNIX Server via TCP/IP
Selbstverstaendlich funktioniert das auch mit Ihrem SUN System (getested)
Auch ein STOP+A kann gesendet werden.

Quick Install:
The preconfigured IP address of the Secure Web Console is If the Web console has been configured before, or if it does not respond to a ping, you may reset it to the default settings by holding the button on the top of the console for 5 seconds while plugging in the power adapter to the Web Console.
Before you get started you need to know the following information:
1. What IP address you are going to use for the Web Console?
2. What is the IP address of the client used to initially configure the Web Console ?(The IP of the system where your browser is running)
3. Select an Administrator user login and password.
4. If a gateway is used to connect the Web console to the host, what is the IP address for the gateway system?
5. Write the MAC address of the Web Console. This information is on the top of the web console as well as on the box.
6. Do you have a supported browser on the client machine used to configure the Secure Web Console?
7. Make sure Java is enabled on your browser. To Verify that Java is enabled use the link "Java Test 1.0.2" at the site above.
Initial configuration.

A. Connect the LAN RJ45 cable to the Web Console
B. Connect the power adapter. The Amber LED will come on initially and should turn off. The Green LED will blink to indicate network activity.
C. Make sure the client_host running the browser is on the same IP subnet as the HP Secure Web Console.
D. On the client_host enter the following commands into your DOS or Unix window:
  • a. route add Example: route add
  • b. ping If ping is successful, proceed to step E. otherwise, perform step c below.
    c. arp -s PC Example: arp -s 00-60-b0-22-3e-ae Unix Example arp -s 00:60:b0:22:3e:ae
    E. Access the device through your web browser on the same subnet using the URL: note: configure your browser Proxy settings for "direct connection to the internet". Create first Administrator Account

    Upon successful initial access of the Web Console through the browser, you are presented with the form requesting the following information:
    Name: Your name, ie Fred Flintstone Function: No option selectable on this field for the first administrator Information: ie Main Administrator - Phone number - whatever you want Login: marc <-------this is your primary administrator login user name password: ****** <--your primary administrator Web console login password

    Configure IP
    Secure Console name: kirk <----this is the host name for your Web Console
    IP address: <----the IP address you want to assign to the Web
    Console IP subnetmask: <----enter the appropriate mask for your subnet
    IP gateway: <----itself, or blank, or the Gateway's.
    System name: Huevos <----the name of the server this console is going to be connected to.

    Afer you have entered the above information, and pressed the OK button. The Web Console will reboot.
    Connect your Serial Cable to the Host.
    After the Initial configuration is completed and the Web Console has rebooted, connect the serial cable between the Web Console and the Host serial console.
    Console Access Test:
    Enter the new IP address of the Web Console in the URL field in your browser: ie: enter the Administrator user name and password and login.
    Click on the "Access Console" link The console window will open up in the center of the browser and will look very small, with fonts that are almost too small to read. To get a larger window and fonts, Click on the link "In/Out" under "Access Console". Another window with larger fonts will open up. You should now be able to login to the host as long as console login has not been disabled on your system. Note: On HP-UX 9.x console login is disabled when the file /etc/securetty present. To enable console login, remove or rename this file.
    Note: Do not forget to logout of your console session. Exiting from the Web console, does NOT log you out from your console session !!!

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    Release-Candidate_12: 2012-06-17